Ever since the introduction of portable timepieces in the 16th century, watchmakers have committed themselves to the search for perfection. The watch as we know it hardly compares to its ancient predecessors. In 500 years of time, it has evolved from a primitive portable clock into a sophisticated precision instrument.

Rolex is without a doubt one of the greatest contributors to this development. The automatic perpetual movement, the waterproof oyster case and the oyster crown are just a few of the numerous ground-breaking innovations in the rich history of Rolex.

Tool watches, of which the earliest Panerai diving watches can be considered the prototypes, are a class of their own. These watches are exposed to the most extreme conditions, pushing the boundaries of both construction and material. They simply need to be perfect as lives depend on them.

The legendary reliability of Rolex watches has made them the number one choice of professional divers, pilots and mountaineers.