Every watch has it’s own unique story. A story of an expedition in the high mountains or to the depth of the sea. A story of ground breaking human achievement. A story of a famous movie star. These stories are inextricably connected with the watch. Because it’s the story behind the watch that makes it special.

Cosimo-online originates from a passion for extraordinary watches and the desire to share that passion with other collectors. Our collection mainly consists of rare Rolex, Tudor and Panerai watches, but we also frequently offer watches of other brands. If you can’t find the watch you are looking for right away, please visit us again soon: our collection changes regularly. You can also use our watch query function.


rolex watches

Rolex has been a leading name in luxury watches for over a century. The name Rolex is a synonym for timeless design, superior quality and precision. It’s innumerable innovations have often been imitated by other watch manufacturers, but never equaled.


tudor watches

Tudor, the sister brand of Rolex has not yet been discovered by the masses, but the appreciation among collectors is rapidly increasing. The early submariner models and the chronographs with exotic dials are particularly rare and therefore much desired.


panerai watches

Founder of the tool watch concept. Designed originally as military instruments, Panerai watches stand out for their simple, functional design. The robust case, the Arabic numbers and the device protecting the crown are distinguishing Panerai trademarks.


other items watches

Omega, Heuer, Panerai leather strap, Rolex steel bracelet, dials, hands, bezels, inlays, books, boxes...